Vicky Kaushal fan poses with him on flight, reveals actor called her himself for pics: ‘OMG he’s so sweet’


Once, a fan was on a trip to the Maldives when she unexpectedly met the actor Vicky Kaushal on the flight. After having a conversation with the actor, she shared her experience.

The actor-duo, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif, recently went out of Mumbai before Vicky’s 40th birthday. They even struck a pose for the paparazzi at Mumbai airport. The couple headed to the Maldives to celebrate Vicky’s birthday. Now, a fan named Akriti Rana has posted a video of her encounter with Vicky Kaushal on the flight. (Also Read | Vicky Kaushal is ‘Amazed’ by Katrina Kaif, Shares Love-Filled Pictures from Birthday Vacation)

The fan was talking about meeting Vicky on the flight

Akriti recently shared a post on Instagram. The reel starts with her holding her passport, getting ready with her belongings. She captioned the clip, “A journey to a new country and something happened on the flight.”

Then, she was seen covering her face with her hands as she looked at someone in front of her seat. Akriti wrote in the clip, “I saw someone I really wanted to meet.” Her friend sitting next to her moved her head and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

The fan was asked by the air hostess to go back to her seat

Akriti’s friend urged her to go and meet Vicky as she got shy. She wrote on the clip, “And my friend stopped me from saying hi.” After a while, Akriti returned to her seat, and she wrote on the clip, “But the air hostess sent me back.” She was telling her friend, “She said there’s too much chaos, so wait.”

Vicky himself called the fan

Further, she wrote in the clip, ‘And then he called me himself.’ Her friend again pushed her, and she fell in front of the plane. After that, Akriti posed with Vicky in front of the camera. She lovingly looked at him and wrote on the video, “Look at me (smiley emoji).” Akriti added the song “Obsessed” as the background music for her video.

The fan wrote a note for Vicky

Captioning the post, she wrote, “OMG, he’s so adorable! When I mustered the courage to talk to him, the air hostess sent me back, and he made a sad face. After 15 minutes, the air hostess said, ‘He’s calling you, come.’ He’s just too charming! @vickykaushal09 I’ve never been so smitten by anyone, but his aura made me do this (smiley emoji).”

People recalled their experiences with Vicky

Reacting to the post, some people shared their own experiences with Vicky. “He’s such a sweet person. I saw him at the Mumbai airport, and I yelled ‘Vicky,’ and he smiled and posed for a picture with us. He’s truly the most adorable!” said one fan. An Instagram user commented, “I met him a few years ago. He took my phone to take pictures and even offered a retake. They are the sweetest.”


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