Urfi Javed irks netizens by using her hand to cover breast as she does a funny take on tomato prices [View Pics]

Urfi Javed


Urfi Javed leaves netizens fuming by covering her breast with her hand in her latest outfit.

Urfi Javed covers her breasts with one hand, and this style of the actress is facing massive criticism by netizens as they slam her for going overboard all the time in the name of style and fashion.

Urfi Javed bold look

Urfi Javed takes a funny dig at tomatoes high price, but it goes all wrong for her.

Urfi took to her Instagram and shared pictures and videos of her taking hilarious digs at tomatoes price, but left the users fuming with her outfit, where she is seen covering her breast with her left hand.
Urfi Javed hot

Urfi Javed goes almost topless and covers her assets with wine glasses.

Urfi Javed has been picked on by many over her fashion, including Ranbir Kapoor, who called it in bad taste.

Urfi Javed bikini shoot

Urfi Javed covers her breasts with just two hands.

Urfi Javed believes in wearing nothing sometimes and likes covering her body with a few objects, and the girl gets trolled for this often, but she gives a damn.

New look Urfi Javed
Urfi Javed’s hair outfit faces criticism.

Urfi wears an outfit made of hair, and this left everyone disgusted, and they slammed her, saying that only covering body parts is not fashion.

Outdoor photo shoot Urfi Javed

Urfi wears broken hearts to cover herself.
Urfi, who has a flamboyant personality, openly wore a broken heart during Valentine’s Day.

Media Urfi Javed


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