This Louis Vuitton bag is smaller than crumb, needs microscope


MSCHF (short for miscellaneous mischief), an art collective based in Brooklyn, is renowned for auctioning eccentric items.This time, it is striking again after successfully making headlines with the big red boots and sneakers with blood in them.Wondering what the new item on auction is? Well, it is a tiny Louis Vuitton handbag that is smaller than a grain of salt!

Makers have named it the Microscopic Handbag

The Microscopic Handbag is made with photopolymer resin and features a bright green color.It measures 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers and is so tiny that you can’t see it with the naked eye!What’s more? Well, this small handbag has pockets that are smaller than a speck of dust and is a miniature replica of Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo collection.

You will need a microscope to see it: MSCHF

Sharing the pictures of the handbag on Instagram, MSCHF wrote, “Smaller than a grain of sea salt and narrow enough to pass through the eye of a needle, this is a purse so small you’ll need a microscope to see it.”

The bag is more of an artwork than wearable accessory

Per reports, this miniature handbag is an art piece and not something to be used as a wearable accessory.Additionally, it also comes with a microscope so that you can see it and the detailing done on it.”There are big handbags, normal handbags, and small handbags, but this is the final word in bag miniaturization,” shared MSCHF on Instagram.

The art piece will be auctioned during Paris Fashion Week

Per MSCHF, this minuscule bag will be auctioned during the Paris Fashion Week from June 20 to June 24.Sources say that the bag will first be exhibited in a sealed gel case, pre-mounted beneath a microscope at the 8 Avenue Matignon gallery.From there, it will go to Pharrell Williams’ auction house and be a part of the ‘Just Phriends’ sale.

No clue about the bidding price yet

The starting bid is still unknown. However, given its uniqueness, there have been several speculations that it is going to cost a fortune. The tiny handbag has become a rage on social media and frankly, we aren’t surprised.


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