Gold Rate Today, 24 July 2023 : Heavy fall in the price of gold on the first day of the business week! see

Gold Rate Today 24 July 2023:

There are ups and downs in the prices of gold and silver every day. In such a situation, your own side tries to give you complete information related to gold and silver. Today we have brought complete information related to gold and silver for you. Today once again in the Indian bullion market, along with gold, the price of silver is also witnessing a rise. Gold prices in India today are ₹ 5,515 per gram for 22k, while prices for 24k, also known as 999 gold, are ₹ 6,016 per gram.

One important thing to note is that the lower the carat of the gold, the stronger it is. Always check gold prices by country before buying the metal.

Purity of gold : 
24 carat -99.9%
23 carat -95.6%
22 carat -91.6%
21 carat -87.5%
18 carat -75.0%
17 carat -70.8%
14 carat -58.5%
10 carat -41.7%
9 carat -37.5%
8 carat -33.3%

22 carat gold price per gram in India today (INR)
gram            22k today

1 gram         ₹5,515

8 grams      ₹44,120

10 grams    ₹55,150

100 grams       ₹5,51,500

24 karat gold price per gram in India today (INR)
gram               24k today

1 gram              ₹6,016

8 grams           ₹48,128

10 grams         ₹60,160

100 grams       ₹6,01,600

Gold rates today in major Indian cities
City        22K Today    24K Today
Chennai    ₹55,550     ₹60,600
Mumbai    ₹55,150     ₹60,160
Delhi         ₹55,300     ₹60,320
Kolkata    ₹55,150       ₹60,160
Bengaluru  ₹55,150    ₹60,160
Hyderabad  ₹55,150   ₹60,160
Kerala          ₹55,150   ₹60,160
Pune            ₹55,150    ₹60,160
Vadodara      ₹55,200  ₹60,220
Ahmedabad  ₹55,200  ₹60,220
Jaipur            ₹55,300  ₹60,320
Lucknow        ₹55,300  ₹60,320
Coimbatore    ₹55,550  ₹60,600
Madurai         ₹55,550   ₹60,600
Vijayawada     ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Patna              ₹55,200 ₹60,220
Nagpur          ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Chandigarh  ₹55,300 ₹60,320
Surat             ₹55,200 ₹60,220
Bhubaneswar  ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Mangalore      ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Visakhapatnam ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Nashik           ₹55,180 ₹60,190
Mysore          ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Cuttack         ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Davangere   ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Bellary          ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Gurgaon       ₹55,300 ₹60,320
Ghaziabad    ₹55,300 ₹60,320
Noida           ₹55,300 ₹60,320
Salem           ₹55,550 ₹60,600
Vellore        ₹55,550 ₹60,600
Amravati        ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Guntur          ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Nellore       ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Kakinada       ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Tirupati       ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Cuddapah      ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Anantapur     ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Warangal    ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Nizamabad   ₹55,150 ₹60,160
Khammam   ₹55,150 ₹60,160

Gold and Silver on IBJA

According to the website of the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association (IBJA), today the yellow metal became costlier by Rs 23 per ten grams and was trading at Rs 59352 per ten grams. On the other hand, gold had become costlier by Rs 543 and closed at Rs 59329 per 10 grams on Thursday, the last trading day. Along with gold, the price of silver is also seeing a rise today. Today, silver jumped at the rate of Rs 1361 per kg and is trading at the level of Rs 73592 per kg. Whereas on the last trading day on Thursday, silver became costlier by Rs 2815 and closed at Rs 73592 per kg.

Gold Rate Today 24 July 2023

Gold and silver rates on MCX

Like the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association (IBJA), Gold and Silver are also trading with a boom on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) today. On MCX, gold is costlier by Rs 14 per 10 grams at Rs 59,253, while silver is trading at Rs 75,408 at the rate of Rs 82 per kg.

Gold cheaper than its all-time high by Rs 2,294 per 10 grams

After this, gold is being sold cheaper than its all-time high by about Rs 2294 per 10 grams. Significantly, on May 4, 2023, gold had made its all-time high of Rs 61646 per ten grams. While silver is getting cheaper at the rate of Rs 5027 per kg. The all-time high level of silver is Rs 79980 per kg.

Gold and silver in international market

Unlike the Indian bullion market, today both gold and silver are trading with a decline in the international market. In the US market, gold was trading down by $1.84 at $1,958.13 an ounce and silver was trading down $0.09 at $24.78 an ounce.

How much is one tola of gold?

Weighing gold in tolas was one of the most popular ways of describing gold purchases in India. Investors or consumers often used to say that the price of 1 tola gold is Rs 25,000 today. However, these days Tola has been replaced by Gram, which is widely accepted by most of the people for buying and selling precious metals. This brings us to this question. How much is one tola gold? The answer is simple. One tola gold today is 11.6 grams. So, if you are buying 1 kg of the precious metal, you will get around Rs 85.7 tola gold. So, if you want to know what the precious metal will cost for 1 tola, you need to multiply the per gram cost of Rs 26,000 by 11.6 to arrive at the final cost. This of course changes everyday in line with today’s daily gold rates in India.

Hallmarked Gold Price Vs Normal Gold Price

1) There is no difference in gold prices

2) You are assured of the purity through hallmarking.

3) You have to take the precious metal to the essay centers

4) There are not many essay centers available in the market.

5) Some have advocated setting up stricter quality practices at test centres.

6) There is still some way to reach the city and small towns.

How is the hallmark gold rate determined in India today?

Now the first and foremost thing is that there is no difference between normal gold rate and hallmarked gold rate. No one charges anything extra to give you the hallmarked gold rate. This is the same rate at which normal gold is sold. The only difference is that when you buy normal gold, its purity is ensured.

What is the gold price per gram today in India?

Currency: Gold prices per gram in India become costlier if the rupee depreciates against the dollar.

International factors: These include unstable policies, slow global economic growth, dollar strength against a basket of currencies.

Global Demand for the Precious Metal: Demand plays an important role in determining gold rates per gram in India today. If the demand is not strong then the prices will fall. At the same time, gold prices will increase in times of good demand.

Interest Rates: Not many people know, but interest rate is a major factor that affects gold prices in India. When interest rates rise in major countries like the US, gold rates fall and when they fall, gold rates go higher.

Who imports 22 carat gold in India and how is its price determined?

In fact, places like Kolar in Karnataka, which once had gold mines, have now closed. Therefore, India imports almost all its gold requirements. We use imported gold prices to find 22K gold price in India. There are many importers of gold in India. Most of these are top government owned banks, private sector banks and many private companies as well. In fact, the list of private companies has also grown over the years. Take a look at some of the major gold imports in India that ultimately have a hand in deciding gold prices in India for wholesale gold rates in India.

Purity of Gold The gold that we see or buy in the market is alloyed or alloyed with some other metals like copper, nickel, silver, palladium and zinc. The least or cheapest gold mixed with silver and copper is called pink gold or rose gold mixed with silver or copper is sometimes called green gold and then comes white gold which is mixed with palladium, nickel and zinc which is white gold and the costliest is yellow gold which is mixed with silver, copper and zinc. Karat defines the purity of gold as how much gold is mixed with it.


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